This is my last musical growth blog for the semester regarding the ukulele. I have come leaps and bounds from where I initially started. Before this musical growth assignment I have never picked up a ukulele; now I am able to tune a ukulele to the key of C, play two beginner songs with comfort, play at an andante tempo and mezzo forte dynamic, and sing along while I strum. I am proud of where I currently stand playing the ukulele. I have had my share of struggles throughout the semester, but in a way I’ve learnt more from my failures in terms of how to adapt and move forward with my progress. The biggest block I’ve hit is transitioning from a certain chord to G. It is still not something I am completely comfortable with, however, now that I am playing Am with my middle finger I can transition to G much faster than before. Additionally, I now can play the ukulele standing up, which is not something I could do in October. I used to depend on resting my ukulele against my leg. Now I am able to hold my ukulele with my thumb directly behind the neck of the instrument with its body tucked into my arm/elbow while being pressed against my chest. Peer support has been an instrumental part of my growth. Multiple people haveĀ  learnt how to play Riptide on the ukulele. They have assisted me greatly by providing tips, for example the Am to G transition. Overall I had a lot of fun learning this instrument and I am interested in buying a ukulele to pursue it as a hobby.