month October 2019

Eggs Benedict

Today for brunch after classes I made Eggs Benedict. There are a variety of ways to make this dish, but I went for the traditional -that being slices of ham, a poached egg, topped with homemade hollandaise sauce on a… Continue Reading →

Kung Pao Chicken & Green Beans and Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Chinese food is one of my favourite types of cuisine, as well as a comfort food for me whenever I am sick. All of this week I found myself craving some of my favourite dishes so instead of trying out… Continue Reading →

Ukulele Midterm Video

This is my video of “Hey soul sister” by Train on the ukulele, hope you enjoy! Ukulele Progress Video  

Hey soul sister by Train (Resource)

This is one of the main resources I used to teach myself the strumming patterns of “Hey soul sister” by Train. The way she broke it down was very clear and concise, thus allowing me to pick the pattern up… Continue Reading →

My Plan of Action

Due to the fact my final song Hey soul sister by Train has become my midterm song, I need a new plan of action for the rest of the semester! I want to pick a song that is challenging, but… Continue Reading →

Field Trip to PSII

Today we visited the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry located in downtown Victoria. My cohort and I got the opportunity to sit down with the founder and principal of the school, Jeff Hopkins, as well as interact with students… Continue Reading →

Chords and Strumming Patterns

Before learning to play any chords, I made an effort to know which string was which. In piano I was taught an acronym for treble clef lines, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge; and treble clef spaces, FACE.┬áThis really helped when… Continue Reading →

Screenplay Writing

Today’s Wednesday visit was a little different because instead of going to our regular Elementary/Middle School’s, all of the teacher candidates spent the day at Lambrick Park High School. We had the choice of sitting in on any class we… Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year for Thanksgiving, we hosted both my mom and dad’s side of the family. Turkey dinner is one of my favourite meals by far, so this year I learnt how to cook one of the key components of Thanksgiving… Continue Reading →

Adjusting my Musical Growth Plan

The song I originally chose to learn on the ukulele for my midterm is “Love yourself” by Justin Bieber, however this song has proven itself to be more difficult than I initially thought. After three weeks of practicing for roughly… Continue Reading →

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