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Aiding Mental Health with the use of Technology: Additional Resources

There are numerous online resources available to teachers that allows them to gain an idea of what mental health entails and a variety of techniques educators can implement in their classroom to ensure every student’s mental health and well-being is… Continue Reading →

EdTech Inquiry Powerpoint Presentation

In today’s class my group presented our inquiry question of How Technology can Benefit Mental Health in the Classroom. My part of the presentation focused on how we as educators can directly influence positive talk around mental health with the… Continue Reading →

Creating a Compassionate Classroom

Another aspect of influencing positive talk surrounding mental health with technology is creating a compassionate classroom environment. This resource is free as well and it geared towards informing teachers how to offer support and advocate for their student(s). This booklet… Continue Reading →

When Something’s Wrong: Strategies For Teachers

The second resource I will mention in my presentation is When Something’s Wrong: Strategies For Teachers. This is also a free online tool to help educators gain a sense of various disorders and mental illnesses that can impede mental health…. Continue Reading →

The ABCs of Mental Health

As educators, we will be observing our students, noticing behaviours, and potentially be handing out designations. Part of being a teacher entails being one the of the first people who will notice concerning behaviours that could potentially harm a students… Continue Reading →

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