I love to eat… but I mean who doesn’t! Cooking is by far one of my favourite hobbies, especially since its presence has grown in my life over the past year. Last fall I entered cluster life at UVIC not knowing a whole lot about cooking or what even qualified as a “good” meal. For the first semester I pretty much lived off of chickens strips and Mr. Noodles, but sadly even chicken strips got boring. Come second semester, I started off simple by making basic pasta dishes, omelettes, chicken teriyaki rice bowls, and a variety of soups. Overtime I started looking forward to grocery shopping because I couldn’t wait to make something new and test my culinary abilities once again. Nowadays I am more comfortable in the kitchen then I have ever been. One of my cooking highlights over the summer was making an entire Greek dinner for my friends and family that included chicken souvlaki, lemon potatoes, Greek salad, and homemade pita bread. This year I want to take my cooking to the next level by incorporating recipes from a variety of cultures; Chinese, Mexican, Thai and Japanese are just a few ethnicities of cooking I’d like to explore as a part of my free inquiry project.