Todays lecture was about accommodating all learners and creating multimodality to make learning accessible for everyone. At the start of the class, we attempted to reach out via video chat to Verena Roberts; unfortunately, due to bad connection, we were unable to do so. Todays class was all about flexibility within the classroom and incorporating various modes of technology. We were asked questions that made us brainstorm various pedagogical and modality approaches. For example, we were asked to compare face-to-face interactions with online ones, think about the importance and benefits of these modes, and if people have a bias towards multi access learning. I for one believe face to face interactions are integral within the classroom as they are essential when forming personal connections with students. However, face to face interactions are very limited. We as educators must look at multi-modality from a pedagogical perspective where we can bring learners in instead of excluding students by only offering face to face interactions.

The term “blended”  (referring to face to face and online) is no longer used as its outdated, nowadays we use the term multi access as it addresses combining modes of technology in a current way. Multi access techniques should be implemented in K-12 classrooms. Moving away from traditional values will allow a raise in enrolment. Schools that don’t get enough students offer video conferencing to connect and bring more students to their schools; schools want to offer this because losing students = losing money. If we are rigid in our pedagogy, students who are ill or unable to physically appear in school for various reasons can’t succeed and will be pushed out. 

Many teachers are reluctant to introduce multi access techniques into their classrooms because it is uncharted territory. Becoming frustrated is common…How am I suppose to assess you? You’re missing lessons? How will you catch up? are normal thoughts a teacher might have when a student is missing the majority of classes. 

One option we explored in class is the use of a telepresence robot. A student using the robot will be able to move it using a remote controller, an IPad, or a computer. The robot also comes with a microphone allowing the student to interact and be present in in class discussions.